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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

[fiction] A Race to the Finish

(I've just discovered that this story was chosen as the Editor's Choice in Sugasm #174. I'm honored! Welcome to all who drop by from that link -- thanks for visiting and I hope you like what else you see here.)

Lying on the couch, I watched her working at the computer, angrily brushing tendrils of black hair out of her face. She bit at her lower lip in that way that signified frustration for her but always turned me on.

"What is it, hon?" I asked. "You look annoyed. Well, more annoyed than usual when you're working."

She shook her head. "I need a break but I can't. Too damn much to get done."

"What, not even ten minutes?"

She glanced at me and her mouth quirked. "Get that look off your face, you know I haven't got time for that."

"Oh, come on," I grinned. "There's always time for that."

She made a show of giving it some thought, but I recognized the signs very well. Deeper breathing, wider pupils, shifting her legs in her seat. Her brain had already shifted into that gear and was accelerating down that road. "Okay, ten minutes. But no more than that."

"Well, if you're going to be that draconic about it, why not make it into a race?" I suggested, getting off the couch and moving towards her. She stood, too, and her arms went around me, pulling me close. "First one to get off is the winner?"

"Perfect," she smiled. "Even though we're both winners when that is going on."

"True enough. Well, do you want a countdown, or what?"

She cocked an eye skywards, thinking, and then nodded, licking her lips.

I made a great production of resetting the timer function on my wristwatch, cleared my throat, and began the countdown with much pomp and circumstance and my best stadium announcer voice. "TEN! NIIIINE! EIGHT! SEVEN! SIX!........"

As I hit "five," though, she dropped to her knees and with one swift motion had my jeans around my ankles. My cock, half-hard already, bounced free, almost hitting her in the face, and without any further ado she was doing her best impression of a wet-dry vacuum. "Hey!" I squeaked. "No fair! Flying start! Disqualified!" She ignored me magnificently, sucking me with a fervor I'd rarely seen, slurping and slobbering on my cock like there was a deadline to meet. Which I guess there was.

"Oh, the hell with it," I groaned, and staggered backwards, falling on my ass with a crash. Very undignified, but how dignified can you be with your pants around your ankles? My cock sprang free from her mouth with a wet pop and waved about like a toy on a spring. She giggled and reached for it again, but I grabbed her roughly and yanked hard. She squealed indignantly as her T-shirt went roughly over her head and her tits were released. "That was my ear!" she yelped. "Yeah, and this is your pussy," I noted as my groping hands found her own pants and began working at the snap. ".....well, it would be if I could get this open."

She smirked and bent forward with a hungry look in her eyes. "Better hurry, loverboy. Clock's ticking." And she engulfed me again, sucking all the way down to my balls -- how the hell did she do that? Moaning, eyes rolling wildly at the shocks that were coursing through me, I finally fumbled the snap on her pants free and pulled them down, along with her panties -- "No fair!" I gasped, already breathing hard. "I wasn't wearing any underwear, you are!" She somehow managed to giggle with her mouth full, and showed a bit of mercy by sliding around so we were now in 69 position. As she straddled my mouth, I brought my hands down hard on her ass with a loud smack. She yelped again, but this time in a good way. "God I love it when you do that," she moaned, and proved it, dripping wet and hot into my questing mouth.

I dove in, tongue-first. I lapped at her slit like the most delicious ice-cream cone I'd ever tasted -- except I don't think any ice-cream cone had ever been eaten with quite so much urgency. There was a race on here, after all, and I was already halfway to coming when I'd barely started on her. Fortunately, tons of practice and tons of enthusiasm has taught me how to drive her out of her skull in about three minutes. I hoped I could manage that; it was damnably hard to concentrate with her sucking my cock so enthusiastically. I could feel her humming contentedly to herself; the vibrations were making things even worse. Her breasts were pressed against my belly and I could feel the nipples poking me, turning me on even more. And she was now upping the ante by starting to work my shaft with her hands as she sucked, twisting them in opposite directions for an exquisite friction.

Still, time to keep a stiff upper lip (or cock, as the case may be) in the face of adversity! I used every trick I knew on her, licking in frantic circles around her clit, working two fingers into her pussy and spreading her wider, working her G-spot as best I could from this position, pressing the broad side of my tongue against her clit and rippling it, and generally making as much noise and mayhem as I could. She was making things more difficult by thrashing about, and spanking her wasn't getting her to sit still, it was making her thrash more. Plus, with every smack she would suck harder on me, inciting moans of my own, or squeeze my cock, or drool some more hot wetness over my length. I could feel my balls getting ready to boil over and needed to do something quickly to finish her before she finished me.

In desperation, I worked a third finger inside her and captured her clit with my lips, squeezing it very gently and flicking my tonguetip back and forth across it very very softly -- not too much now! She moaned gutturally around my cock and let it flop free for a second to release a growling, shaking moan, coming somewhere from deep inside her. I could tell she was close and increased the pressure just a bit.

I shouldn't have done that. I heard some words I could barely recognize as "oh, no you don't" and no sooner had I heard that than she was sucking hard, up and down, on the head of my cock while simultaneously twist-massaging it with rippling hands. There was no way I could withstand that. I grunted like the animal she'd reduced me to and seconds later she was spluttering happily as I flooded her hungry mouth with my come. I could feel drops and strings of it mixing with her saliva and pooling on my belly as she worked me with her hand and sucked the last dregs free.

"You beat me," I gasped, "but there is a prize for second in this race!" I redoubled my assault on her clit with mouth and tongue, pulled my fingers free of her and began raining slaps on her ass, hard, both hands one after the other. Very soon she too was grunting and moaning as she splashed all over my face, coming in second in the race but with a clear victory by forcing me into first. A strange race, to be sure.

Eventually she rolled off me, smirking at me with a patently obvious "you lose!" look on her face. And promptly crowed about her victory, putting her hand up to her forehead and making an "L" shape. "Loser! Loser!" she intoned in her best impression of the Top Gear hosts. I knew I'd have to put up with it for quite a while, but somehow I didn't mind very much. I'd find a way to win the next round.

-- PB

[[Inspired by Miss Sexie Sadie's recent story "Countdown". This one, however, is fiction. I wanted to have a bit of silly fun with the idea of a rush to orgasm.]]


Gray said...

Now that sounds like a great time! And that would be me at the end, gloating about how I won. *laughs* Though I think both would have won at that moment.

The Panserbjørne said...

Yeah, I'd say the same. There are no losers when both people are having happy fun time like that. :)

-- PB

Luna Mauvaise © 2009 said...

Oh, really must stop all this talk of lapping and finishing. It makes me a little stupid and dizzy.

Nice race though. ;)

The Panserbjørne said...

I think one SHOULd be feeling stupid and dizzy after a race like this. :)

Glad you liked it, though!

-- PB

Transylvanian Miss said...

Yay! Editors choice nice one! Well Done! :) I voted for you! :)

The Panserbjørne said...

TMiss: Holy smoke. Editor's choice, hm? I'm humbled. Thanks for the word, otherwise I might not have noticed until Monday. :)

And thanks for the vote too!

-- PB