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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Various Positions

I had planned to write up something about jealousy, open relationships, and the idea of being pleased by your partner's pleasure even if you aren't the one pleasing them just at the moment. A nice philosophical discussion to have over a beer or two at the local pub, perhaps.

But the words wouldn't come, so instead I'm going to talk about some of the sexual positions I love the most. Ladies, this is how I like to fuck you.

Cowgirl: I love this position because I get to see your entire delectable body, and because you get to control how you're getting fucked. You can control the depth and angle of my penetration, and I get rewarded with a first-class view of your tits, your hair spilling over your shoulders, your hips moving in slow circles, and your face alternately looking down at me or thrown back in ecstasy. You can still my motions by placing a hand on my chest, or use both hands to push yourself up and down, practically hoppping up and down on my cock; you can lean back and use my legs as support, sliding more forward and back than up and down; you can reach one hand down and diddle yourself while you use me as a toy to get yourself off. Mmmmm. Not to mention the fact that your round ass curves out so nicely and positively begs me to smack it a few times as you ride me.

Me on top, you with your legs over my shoulder: I like this one because it lets me get very, very deep inside you. It also makes for smoking hot eye contact. It's good for excruciatingly slow, grinding sessions, when the pleasure goes on and on and our bodies are slick with sweat. You're gasping and moaning and begging me to go even deeper, and I do, sliding so far inside that I feel like I'm going to vanish, before pulling out and then sliding home with another grindingly slow stroke. Delicious.

Standing up, against a wall: This kind of sex is just smokingly, flash-fire-inducingly hot. It's so arousing when we've been out on the town, whispering naughty things in each others' ears, hands roaming below the waist quite a few times until you're soaking through your dress and I'm leaving precome spots on my jeans. At times like those there is nothing, NOTHING quite like opening the door at home, slamming it closed, tearing clothing aside and off, and pounding into you within seconds. Pants and boxers around my ankles, your dress hiked up or ripped asunder, your panties down around one ankle or just shoved to the side. You've got a leg hooked over and around my ass, your hands are clutching at my back, I'm biting lightly at your shoulder and neck as I thrust up and into you, fucking you until we both come, screaming, and sag to the floor.

Doggy-style: Where to start? There're just so many things about this that I love. The feeling of power as you drop to all fours, waggling your ass at me, telling me "Come and get me". Grabbing your hair lightly and pulling your head back as I fuck you. The round globes of your ass, so soft against my hard cock, so ripe and full for spanking. Reaching around to squeeze your tits as I jackhammer into you. Kneeling there perfectly still as you thrust yourself back at me, trying to get me deeper, fucking yourself onto me as I bite my lip and try hard not to come like a volcano all over your back and ass. And it's even hotter if there's a mirror nearby and we can watch ourselves, watch how completely and totally I'm making you mine, watch how I mold your body with mine, watch your tits swaying and my hands clenching on your ass, rising for a slap to give you that shock of pain with the pleasure.

Reverse cowgirl, in a chair: I once had a girlfriend quietly disrobe while I was working at the computer, then without a word come around to my front, suck me hard, and then settle down onto my cock, still wordlessly. Here it's the woman who has the power, but having you so close on top of me allows me to put both arms around you, to fondle your breasts, nip lightly at your neck, use my fingers on your clit, or just lift and drop you over and over to help you get me even deeper.

There are thousands that I love. Variety is the spice of life, but there are just some that I come back to over and over. I will never get tired of taking a woman from behind, or of seeing her bounce up and down atop me, or any of the thousand variations on each.

How about you? What is it that really gets you hot, that turns your crank like no other? What positions are guaranteed to make you come like a banshee?

-- PB


Luna Mauvaise said...

I'll have the buffet please. ;)

Lord have mercy, PB. This one's hot as fuck.

The Panserbjørne said...

He might have mercy, but I won't. ;)

One buffet, coming right up (pun intended)! Glad you liked it.

-- PB

Fantasia Lillith said...

The joy is in not having to choose!! Take me any way you want as long as pleasure is the out - come.

The Panserbjørne said...

How about all of the above? Being faced with such an array of choices, why not select from all of them? :)

And pleasure is ALWAYS the intended outcome when I'm having sex (or fucking, or making love). I like a 3:1 ratio of female orgasms to my orgasms.

-- PB

frances said...

sadly i've never tried #3. you make it sound so inticing!

The Panserbjørne said...

Frances: Oh, it is very definitely enticing -- that and a thousand times more. There's just something about being so hot for each other that you have to do it right then and there against the wall. Gives me tingles just thinking about it.

-- PB