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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two New Words

Always Aroused Girl has had a discussion with one of her friends about how there are two kinds of people who sleep around -- those who do it because they're being self-destructive and damaging, and those who do it because they want to have lots of fun and get off as much as they can.  You should go read it, and then chime in on the comments to help suggest words that can be used for each of the two kinds of people.

Me, I favor "slut" as a positive word (and have ever since women like Sars of Tomato Nation began attempting to reclaim it, years ago). That leaves the question of what to use for a negative; myself, I prefer "whore" as a negative. Why? I've just never liked it. It sounds ugly, it has negative connotations all over the place, it curls your mouth into an unpleasant shape when you say it -- ugh, no, I just don't like the word.

Anyway, go read the post over at AAG's site and then contribute your own suggestions!

-- PB


Library Vixen said...

I tend to use those same two word with the same connotations as you. In fact just responded to a ad saying that I am looking for someone I can be a slut with, but not feel like a whore.

The Panserbjørne said...

I wish you all kinds of luck with finding that someone! I know I was tempted to ask if you were accepting applications for remote email flirtations, but figured I don't know you well enough for that. :)

-- PB