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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two more additions to the watchlist

Wanted to talk a bit about two more sexy writers that've caught my attention recently. Both of them are smart, capable and self-confident. Both are very open and frank about exploring their sexuality and enjoying their sex lives. And both have entertaining handles.

The first is the entertaingly-named "Sex, Chocolate and Red Lipstick". Written by a lovely blonde English lass named Amy, somebody who knows the value of a finely-crafted phrase. Amy understands that intelligence and a dry wit are enormous turn-ons, at least to those of us who like brains with our beauty. And she's got plenty of brains to round out the beautiful package. Plus, she's English, how can you not love that? Brit accents are hot.

Secondly is the intriguing Coquitten, who takes her name from a portmanteau of the words "coquette" and "kitten". She does define "coquette" for those who aren't in the know, but clearly expects that her audience is going to be smart enough to already know what it means. She, like Amy, writes smart, well-crafted observations on dating and the sexual situations she gets into. Caught my attention with a post entitled "I Think I'd Rather Misbehave", which is insanely hot. Also posts lovely HNT photos.

Go check them out, won't you?

-- PB


Luna Mauvaise © 2009 said...

Damnable accents. Yes, hot indeed.

Nice choices here, bear. Thanks for pointing them out to the rest of us.

The Panserbjørne said...

What can I say, I like to share the love! :)

-- PB

xX...Amy...Xx said...

Aw thank you, you've just made me blush :)


The Panserbjørne said...

Hooray! I like making ladies blush. :)

-- PB