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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting Her in Trouble

So my girlfriend was on the phone with her department head recently. Because they get on very well with each other, the conversations tend to go on a long time. I was reading a book, but I looked at her lying there on the couch, talking away, and suddenly had a devilish thought. She raised one eyebrow at the grin that spread over my face, but before she could do anything I was tugging at her jeans, pulling them off along with her panties and tossing them on the floor nearby.

She shook her head, smiling at my temerity, and lay back against the armrest at my silent direction. I sprawled out on the couch, raised her legs up over my shoulders, and began lavishing her pussy with my tongue's attention. Long loving licks, gentle swipes across her lips, upwards and downwards, sliding along the edges and then gently teasing her folds apart. Running my tonguetip along her slit, working it a little bit deeper, then retreating to lick along her thighs for a bit before returning to her pussy. Tasting her spicy excitement, feeling her juices start to flow, watching them mix with my saliva and drip down onto the sofa. Hooray for Scotchgard.

Soon my tongue was moving in slow circles around her clit, slipping from side to side in a way I knew she liked. Her breath was coming faster but astonishingly she hadn't given herself away yet, though her free hand was now winding restlessly through my hair or occasionally slipping down to grab hard at the couch cushions. Every so often I would use the broad rough side of my tongue to lick in long strokes from the very bottom of her pussy, slowly, all the way up to her clit, and then undulate it against her button until she bucked her hips hard against me.

I was noticing now that she was speaking less and less; perhaps because I was driving her to distraction. That wasn't enough for me, though, so I slipped two fingers inside her (now quite soaked, yes), crooked them in a "come hither" fashion, and began rubbing her from the inside out as I continued to slurp quietly at her clit. I closed both my lips over it and licked very delicately at it from the top, and she writhed against my mouth and fingers, a soft sigh drifting from her.

But still she hadn't really given herself away. Worse, I could tell she was getting near the end of her conversation, and she hadn't come yet. I sat up and quickly had my own pants pulled off and thrown aside, then settled on top of her, probing at her cunt lips with my aching cock, rubbing against her sopping slit and tickling her clit with the head. She threw back her head for a moment and grinned as I sank into her. I wanted to pound her hard, but I held back, sliding in and out in a nice slow steady rhythm, watching my cock emerge glistening with her juices, then disappear into her clenching wet depths again.

"Okay, Lisa, I'll talk to you later," she finally said, and hung up. "YOU!" she smirked as her arms went round my neck. "Just what the hell did you think you were doing?"

I looked down to where I was still plunging in and out of her, much faster now that she wasn't on the phone anymore. "I thought that was fairly obvious, my dear," I answered, and began to fuck her in earnest as she moaned and her hips began rising to meet me, our bodies smacking together in that delicious rhythm that ended only when we came, hard, several excruciating minutes later.

"One of these days, I will get you to give yourself away," I remarked once I'd got my breath back. She raised an eyebrow again, pulling on her underwear and pants. "No, you won't. But you can have fun trying."

Well, you can't ask for more than that, can you?

-- PB


Library Vixen said...

god i love reading about men licking pussy. They closed my blog down you can find me here.


Luna Mauvaise © 2009 said...

Yesss. I love reading about men licking pussy who seem to enjoy it so. Delicious post.

The Panserbjørne said...

LV: I'm sorry you got shut down and will be happy to follow you to the new place! I'm glad you liked this one.

Luna: Oh, I do very much enjoy it. Will do it for hours sometimes. :)

-- PB

Sexy PTA Mom said...

Oh, you naughty man! That sounds really delicious!!

The Panserbjørne said...

Grace: Yes, she definitely was. Er. It definitely was. Oh, whatever, you get the idea. :)

Thanks for dropping by!

-- PB

Red said...

Got to love "phone sex"!

The Panserbjørne said...

Red: Hell, yes. Once, the girl I was with called into work sick because she couldn't drag herself away from my fingers and tongue. Her ragged breaths and hoarse voice, she said, were a great aid to her boss believing she was "sick".

Thanks for stopping by!

-- PB

frances said... sexy. what a lucky girlfriend. daniel fucked me once while i was on the phone with the pizza guy, but i dare say this was MUCH hotter. you naughty boy! love it.

The Panserbjørne said...

Frances: I didn't get her to give herself away, but I did give her a nice orgasm, so all in all I guess it was a success. Next time, maybe.

-- PB