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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What do you want from me?

Hm. I'm not sure I have a big enough readership to do an entry like this yet, but what the hell. I'm kicking around a number of ideas for new entries, but haven't decided on any yet.

So I'll put the question to you: what would you like to hear from me? Do you want to know about my past? Do you want to know what I dream about? What do you want me to write next? Got a fantasy you'd like me to bring to life here? I'm curious -- what's your pleasure?

-- PB


CW said...

I always like to hear about the past. Gives a frame of refrence on the PB of today.

Anonymous said...

Well, you said you'd write a post on blindfolds & binding ;-)

Seriously, just be yourself. Share when you're sad, when you're horny, when you're frustrated, share on the past (things you did, tried, or wish you had) and if you have a blank, just throw in a fantasy!

There is plenty to talk about, depends how much you want to share about yourself. And write when you feel like it, not because it's expected.


nancy said...

I've only just found your "blog" and so far, everything you've written has been delightful.

Enjoy yourself, tell whatever you want to .. I think we'll be pleased.

The Duchess said...

Tell me what you'd do with me if we ever met...

Luna Mauvaise said...

I like the what-you-might-would-do-if-ever-we-met idea. Those are usually pretty hot. And I do get a little dizzy when you go dark and twisted on us. ;)

Methinks you do just fine all on your own though. So I would ask the same of you...any ideas for what *you'd* like to read from us?

Topaz said...

I wanted to come over and thank you for your kind words and for following!

Give me a bit of time to catch up on you and maybe I can answer this question as well :-)

frances said...

i'd personally love to know a little more about you and YOUR fantasies or experiences. I love your writing so far, especially the times it sounds like you're talking to me. Hmmm...maybe I'm of like mind with the duchess and want to hear the fun we could have together. maybe you, me, and duchess. ;-)

Gray said...

I love the fantasies aspect of the blogs I read. While getting to know the past is always nice to get to know the author, the fantasies speak volumes about them personally. At least to me. :)

The Panserbjørne said...

Thanks very much to all who took the time to chime in here!

CW: I'm pondering a post on my first time. How's that?

Flower: One binding / blindfolds entry, on the way!

Nancy: I'm glad you like what you see! Thanks for saying so.

Duchess: Oh, doesn't THAT give me ideas. Perhaps I shall.

Luna: And you like the idea too, eh? Perhaps I'll write you another dark and twisty.

Topaz: You're oh so welcome -- in many ways. Welcome here, too, in other words.

Frances: You like the idea of a threesome? I'll bet Daniel would be intrigued by that idea!

Gray: I do love writing up my fantasies. I'm glad you enjoy them too!

-- PB

frances said...

daniel already knows all about my threesome desires, both mfm and fmf, and he is eager to please. :-)

The Panserbjørne said...

Frances: I did some more exploring of your shared journal after I wrote this and realized, well, I guess that was a premature comment. Lucky you to have somebody who's keen on the idea with EITHER sex partner.

-- PB

frances said...

yeah, he's pretty fantastic. obviously. ;-) seems you'd be pretty receptive either way no?

The Panserbjørne said...

Frances: Yes. :)

-- PB