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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Group Post: "Curves"

It was a tossup, she thought, as to which was racing more: her heartbeat, or the engine snarling away just behind her head.

He'd called her earlier, inquiring if she cared to join him on a run through the Tail of the Dragon in his new acquisition: an Audi R8 supercar. "Give me a break," she'd scoffed. "Cars like that're for guys who have problems with their manhood. I know you're not one of them, so what the fuck?"

"Are you saying no, then?" She could hear the amusement in his voice, the confidence. He knew she'd do anything he asked. Damn the man.

"Well, no," she admitted. "What the hell's a...what'd you call it? Dragon's Tail?"

"Tail of the Dragon," he corrected her. "It's an eleven-mile stretch of road on the Tennessee - North Carolina border that has 318 curves in that eleven miles. Great for sportscars. Great for excitement. Gets the pulse going, you know?"

"Well....." she mused, "I guess I could be convinced to go, yeah."

And a few hours later, here they were. She had been hanging frantically onto her seatbelt since almost the first curve, when he'd tossed her a devilish grin and tromped hard on the accelerator. The Audi had thrown itself into the curve like a maddened cat, spitting and snarling, all four tires howling as he drifted it through the apex. She'd choked off a scream, knowing what his response to that would be, but the quick flickering glance he threw her said he knew already. His laughter rose over the scream of the V10 as they dove for the next curve.

Left. Right. Left again. Right. Harder right. She was being flung about brutally in her seat, even with the belt cinched painfully tight. There was no gentleness in the way he was handling this road. He was stalking each curve, a cold light shining in his eyes, slamming the car headlong into each new apex and berm. His left hand was clenched hard on the wheel, yanking corrections back and forth, his right hand blurring from wheel to gearshift and back. The engine muttered and grumbled as he slowed for each bend, then rose to a screaming challenge as they surged out of it. The forest scenery was a whirl of riotous color, but she couldn't see any of it. Instead, all her attention was now on him.

She watched him. Watched him. Drank in the sight. Gulped it in like air for a drowning woman. Watched him driving the R8, dominating it as he dominated her, and suddenly she was buried under a flood of desire so hard and unexpected that she would have swayed on her feet had she been standing. As it was, she shivered deliciously. She hiked her skirt up and slid one finger into her cunt, already wet and ready. She must have been getting hot subconsciously for a while now. She closed her eyes, shutting out the blurring scenery, and moaned softly as she plunged her finger deep, but not softly enough that he didn't hear, even over the wail of the engine and the screech of the tires. "That's my girl," she heard him say approvingly. Her eyes flew open and she blushed a bit as she met his intense gaze. Only for a microsecond, then he was scanning the road again, but there was heat there that she hadn't seen when she watched him simply controlling the car.

She dropped her gaze lower as her fingers -- two now -- worked industriously on her cunt. Yes, there was a very nice bulge in his jeans. She reached out one hand tentatively, ready to test its texture, to feel the burning heat of him, and he flung it away with such force that her hand cracked against the windshield. Pain raved up her wrist and she gasped, both with surprise and with the deeper, sweet ache that was pulsing inside her now.

"Not now," he bit out. "Not going this fast. Not on this road. But.....later," and there was a horribly explicit way about the way he said "later". It conjured up images that were already racing through her head. Images of her riding him in the passenger seat. Images of being bent over the hood and fucked until she shrieked loud enough to scare the wildlife. Images of being slammed against a pine tree, feeling it lacerate her bare back as he plunged into her sopping wet slit. She closed her eyes again and let them wash over her, moaning again, her fingers moving faster. Tiny tingling bolts shot through her; the car's shifting back and forth kept playing havoc with her rhythm, but that same unpredictability was keeping her teetering delightfully on the edge.

Without warning she felt herself thrown forward hard and realized he had pulled off for one of the scenic turnoffs, deserted except for them. His door chunked open and then shut and then he was striding around the front of the car, even as she clawed for the seatbelt release to get free. In seconds she was out of the car too and in his arms, growling, hungry, kissing him hard, yelping as he bit at her tongue and lips. The world whirled as she was spun and flung onto the hood. "Yes!" she howled in glee. "Ride me!" She yanked her skirt up, her senses reeling, feeling the cool autumn air invading intimate spots, spreading her legs, wanting nothing more than to be taken hard.

Zipper teeth spoke volumes and his hard shaft pressed against her ass. She wriggled, undulated against him. He hissed with pleasure. A step closer and suddenly he was probing between her lips. "I knew you'd enjoy this run," he growled, and thrust. She gasped, mouth open and pressed against the hood, drooling on the metal, feeling him spear into her. One of his hands was on her ass, one pushing on her back, holding her down firmly. "Knew you'd get all hot and bothered by those curves." He thrust again, harder, bending forward, pressing his whole body against hers. Her nipples scraped against the hood's hard metal through the thin cotton of her shirt, spearing darts of pleasure through her. His hips began a rapid rhythm, pulling back only far enough for his cock to emerge from her, glistening with her excitement, and then slamming back home again. She felt his mouth on her shoulder, her neck, nipping at her, his breath coming hard and fast. She realized he was as excited as she was, and giddy with the power she had over him, began wriggling enthusiastically under his assault, pushing back harder against him, trying to be a good little toy for his amusement.

Birds scattered from the trees nearby as the volume of sound they were making mounted. She, yelping under the remorseless hammer strikes as he pounded her. He, grunting and growling, spitting half-imprecations, half-endearments: "Yeah. Yeah. Like that. Take it. So deep. So good, fucking you. So fucking hot you are." She spread her hands on the hood even wider. Her legs were already spread as far as they would go; in fact her feet had already lifted off the ground and only his weight on her and the car underneath were supporting her now.

Violent fucks like that never last as long as we might want. A roar rivaling the car's V10 rumble erupted from him and she felt him thrust hard, hosing her cunt down with multiple jets of his white lava. She clenched around him, shuddering through the throes of her own orgasm, fingers digging at the hood, shoving back at him as much as she could, moaning his name over and over in a mindless animal lust, body wracked with chills and spasms of electric pleasure.

She felt him tremble, then with a searingly intense wrenching he pulled out of and off of her. He took two steps back and then fell to the ground with a thump. She lifted her head off the hood and peered around to see him sitting there, looking sated, as pleased as someone can look when they have their pants around their ankles and are sitting there with your juices drying on their cock.

He grinned at her, not in the least discommoded by the cars that were still threading through the Dragon a few dozen feet away, some honking in approval at the sight of them. "I do like a road with heavy curves," he said dryly, "but I like your curves a lot better."

She stood up and turned to face him, running one hand up to cup and fondle a breast, then half turning to run the other hand slowly down the curve of her ass. "Oh, you like these?" she purred, and was gratified to see the fire rekindle in his eyes.....

(This was my entry for the group post put together by Kimberly, the Errant Wife. The topic, "Curve", which I adapted for my own nefarious purposes, was suggested by the ever-fabulous Duchess. Like this one? Want to see some other takes? Why not visit some of the other players, below, to see what they've come up with?)

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-- PB


Aurore said...

What a dangerously sexy post ;)

nilla said...

That was did you hear the sizzle? my wet finger on my monitor...that's how hot!


Spring Flower said...

There is something extremely exciting about a man who can handle a car, speed, danger and his ride.

Can I hop in for a ride now? ;-)

That was HOT!!!

coquitten said...

So fucking hot. I absolutely love cars and I absolutely driving fast and I LOVED this. It made me want to drive (or be driven somewhere), then fuck... Yum.

Gray said...

You have such a way of capturing the moment. I adore driving fast! And I have to agree with Spring Flower, definitely something sexy about a man who can handle a fast car.

The Panserbjørne said...

Aurore: Why, thank you! I'm so glad it was to your taste.

Nilla: Fantastic. If it's creating that much heat, I've hit the mark. Thanks!

Flower: Oh, certainly, I'd be glad to take you for a ride. And then we could drive somewhere, too. ;) Thanks!

Coquitten: I have a heavy foot so writing this was second nature to me. Never had a passenger who enjoyed it quite that much, though....Glad you liked!

Gray: Another speed demon lady! Why can't I find any like you around here? :) Excellent, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

-- PB

autumn said...

oh my goodness, whew, that was a hot story. i enjoyed your spin on the theme. fast cars and sex sounds like fun. ;)

Topaz said...

Such a unique take on curves! Well played :-) I love the windy roads, but a man who can handle that car, that's so sexy!

Library Vixen said...

grrr hot hot hot. I love the super maleness of this one.
my favorite line;
"The forest scenery was a whirl of riotous color..."

I think I need to drive this road.

Luna Mauvaise said...

TN sounds good to me! This one really got me revved up...I might have to take a short road trip now. ;)


The Duchess said...

Honey that was so fucking hot...

Petal said...

Omg, thats a seriously hot read Mr!

Ms Scarlett said...

Oh, HELL yes! Start the car, baby....

The Panserbjørne said...

Thanks so much to everyone who's left kind comments! I appear to have struck a nerve with this one.

Autumn: I decided everyone else would probably go with body curves, so I deliberately chose something different. Glad you liked!

Topaz: I thought I'd have a bit of fun by choosing a different take on "curves". It seems to have been a good idea. Thanks for enjoying!

Library Vixen: Supercars *are* an inherently male pursuit; I hadn't expected this kind of response from the ladies. I'm gratified to be proved wrong, and am happy it was to your taste as well.

Luna: I keep meaning to visit this stretch of road and it keeps not happening. I need to do something about that eventually. Want to ride it with me? :)

Duchess: Thanks ever-so much for saying so! I appreciate it.

Petal: Why, thank you, milady. Nice to have that kind of effect on you.

Scarlett: It's started up and the engine's revving high. Thanks for dropping in to leave me a word or two!

-- PB

Salt and Pepper said...

Great post!!

The Panserbjørne said...

Salt and Pepper: Thanks! I'm glad you both enjoyed it. Drop by anytime!

-- PB

Luna Mauvaise said...

Say when, PB. I have a shiny red sportscar that just loves the curves. And I tend to drive too fast. ;)

The Panserbjørne said...

Luna: It is a well-known fact that red sportscars are faster than sportscars of any other color. It's a date, then, next time I'm in the area. :)

-- PB

moresexchocolateandredlipstick said...

Mmmm, men who can drive fast without looking like a knob are very sexy, and there are few about! I loved your take on this - dangerous and very very sexy!

---Amy xxxx

The Panserbjørne said...

Amy: I'm so glad it was to your liking! I do love to drive fast, as my numerous speeding tickets over the years will attest.

-- PB

Kimberly said...

Oh my yes....

The Panserbjørne said...

Kimberly: I guess that means you liked it! :) Thanks again for being such a fine hostess.

-- PB