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Friday, November 13, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday Challenge #12: "Study"

The clacking keys of the old Royal typewriter gave the odd impression of a halfhearted war: sporadic bursts of machine-gun fire breaking out occasionally. She worked with set intensity, brow furrowed, back straight against the hardwood, absently brushing a strand of hair away from her face, annoyed it had escaped from its confinement.

The air was cold on her nipples and they stood at attention. Occasionally her elbows would brush against them, sending little darts of energy through her. These served as excellent foci for her attention. Honestly, she didn't understand why all writers didn't work this way. Without the confinement of clothing, she could get so much more accomplished.

“Is it time for a break yet, Miss?” she heard from the doorway. She raised an eyebrow and looked back over her shoulder, then pursed her lips in a soundless whistle as her eyes traversed his form and she saw what he had for her. A great big mass of thick red meat, nice and juicy. She clenched her legs together, willing herself not to show the excitement she was suddenly feeling.

“All right,” she agreed. “I guess I could go for a sandwich about now.”

He turned and snapped his fingers, and his twin brother appeared behind him. “Yes?”

“The Mistress wants a sandwich. Shall we oblige her?”

“Of course,” the newcomer agreed. “Is it my turn for her ass or her cunt this time?”

They turned to her, awaiting her decision.

(This is my entry for Spanky and Tiggs's Flash Fiction Friday Challenge #12: 250 words on the photo shown above. Want to play too? Then stop by and check out the guidelines.)

-- PB


Library Vixen said...

nice take on the image.


The Panserbjørne said...

Library Vixen: If I've impressed you, then I've definitely done something right. Thanks for dropping by! Glad you enjoyed it.

-- PB

Gray said...

*laughs* I liked the sandwich idea. Very nicely done! Happy Flash Fiction Friday!

The Panserbjørne said...

Gray: First I thought about ending it with "I guess I COULD go for a sandwich" (i.e., he really HAD brought her a sandwich), but then I thought I'd do the reversal twice. Had more fun with it this way. :)

-- PB

Mystique said...

*laughs* The fun aspect in that tale was truly felt, well done :)

Luna Mauvaise said...

Oh, now I want a sandwich too! Excellent contribution...happy FFF, PB!

T - Another Geek Girl said...

Very good. You have a way with words.

The Panserbjørne said...

Mystique: Thanks for saying so, and for dropping by again!

Luna: Sorry, I don't think DI is the type to share. :) Happy FFF to you as well.

T.: Why, thank you! I'm glad you find it so.

-- PB

Luna Mauvaise said...'re so silly, PB. Who said anything about DI?

nilla said...

Loved your take on this! A great fantasy and so well written!

Thanks and happy FFF!


The Panserbjørne said...

Luna: He does seem to have most of your attention these days. That's all. :)

Nilla: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for dropping by and saying so.

-- PB

Not My Original Vows said...

Loved the story, I will never think of a sandwich quite the same. :)


Irina said...

now this is unexpected :) liked it!

The Panserbjørne said...

Katia: It seems to have surprised a couple of people, actually. Glad you liked it!

Irina: Thanks! I'm happy it was to your taste as well. Drop by any time!

-- PB