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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good lord, you people are nuclear today.

I'm looking around at all the amazingly hot people who've participated in HNT today and am drooling, positively droooooooooooling, at all the beauty I see. And it's making me hot as hell. So, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite sex positions, courtesy of SexInfo101. This site's good for inspiration, although the comments on the positions tend to be (shall we say) lowest-common-denominator.

(Note: there should be animations for each of these. If you don't see an animation, try visiting the main site and looking around to see if you're missing a required plugin).

My all time favorite: doggy-style. I love this one because it makes me feel like the Big Bad Wolf, primal, raw, taking ruthlessly, growling and snarling. It makes me feel like an animal, and I like it.

Another favorite: having you riding me like a pole. This one's great for taking you up against the wall. I particularly like it when you wrap your legs around my ass while I thrust into you in this one.

The arch: a recent favorite. I've discovered just how great it feels to fuck in this position. It lets me get very deep into you as well, and there's just something about grabbing your legs and spreading them to lift and support you.

And one more: sitting rear entry. I would guess this does feel like a lap dance (although I've never had one). Still, it's fantastic to have you ride me in this position so I can reach around to grab your tits, squeeze them and fondle your nipples.

So there you have them -- some of my favorites. What are some of yours?

-- PB


BlueEyes69 said...

Great site; thanks for sharing! May be using it myself shortly, so be sure you stop to see what my favorites are.


Scintillectual said...

OMG - I am DEFINITELY sending a link of this site to my lover (ex-fiance, whatever). Although, the last time we tried the stand up position he dropped me on my head!

The Panserbjørne said...

BlueEyes: I'll be sure to do that! Ask Jay to fill in some of his too, won't you? :)

Scintellectual (I do love that name): Ouch! I hope it was not enough to derail the fun train before it got started. Some of the more athletic ones DO look like they could be a hell of a workout, all right.

Ms Scarlett said...

Speaking of nuclear....

I can vouch for the sheer awesomeness of the Arch. HAWT!!!

Anonymous said...

Never tried the arch, but it looks hot. The stand and carry, against a wall... mmmmm!

Isabella Snow said...

Keen on the lap dance when it's done in reverse!

The Panserbjørne said...

Scarlett: Isn't it, though? The only problem with it is that it's SO hot I can't last very long before losing it. Tend to finish up with that one. :)

Flower: The arch position is definitely quite hot (see above comment). And I do love the stand and carry against the wall. Goes back to my occasional urge to dominate.

Isabella: Definitely! I don't know how much it would resemble a lap dance if it wasn't in reverse -- then it'd be just basic cowgirl, really.

-- PB

Mystique said...

*finds herself mesmerised by the never ending undulating movements*

I’m sorry, did you say something PB? :p

The pole/up on wall is up there as a favourite. That feeling of helplessness and surrender that comes with the impalement is just yummy, but weight factors do come into play sadly.
Not all positions are easy to pull off, nor would they be necessary comfy for the couple involved no matter how much fun it looks.
A small element of sensibility is needed for safe, fun sex in my opinion.

On a side note, it’s the first time I’ve heard the ‘reverse cowgirl’ referred to as the ‘lap dance’, since surely, dancing of the lap usually involves no form of penetration, right?
I mean, where's the tease in that? ;)

The Panserbjørne said...

Mystique: That's one of the reasons I like the site -- the animations are like mini-porn. Heh.

Weight is a factor in any standing position, true enough. That stand-and-carry is one of them; I said it was a favorite, but it's not good for prolonged sex. :)

I think the "lap dance" phrase comes from the fact that the guy's sitting instead of lying down. I like that position on a chair or sofa.

-- PB

frances said...

mmm...that first one IS a favorite. LOVE these animations. great post. i kinda want to steal it for myself! ;-)

The Panserbjørne said...

Frances: Heck, what's keeping you? Post your own favorites. :)

-- PB

frances said...

i still have to get back to posting this! maybe after we revisit a few of them i'll pick some favorites and blog it. thanks for the idea!!!