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Monday, November 30, 2009

Microfantasy Monday: "Etiquette"

(Edited 12-5-09: I've just discovered that this entry was selected for Fleshbot's "best of " sex blog roundup for the week. Thanks, folks! To anyone who's dropping by via that link, welcome! Look around and stay a while. I think you'll find I'm a very pleasant host.) 

The sound of the zipper was a loud purr in the silence. The only other sound was her panting breath as she worked herself into a state of excitement. Soon she'd have him in her mouth....

"No." Curt, impersonal, he cut her off and slapped her hand away. "Not like that."

"B-but......I don't understand," she heard herself whining.

"There are rules about this, you know," he declaimed, in a pedantic tone, knowing it always drove her wild when he lectured. "I'm your teacher, and this sort of thing is explicitly forbidden by the school's charter and rules of conduct, and parTICularly the teacher's code of behavior."

More stillness, broken by her small voice, drops of water in a pond. " what do I do, then?"

He grinned wolfishly. "You say, 'Teacher, may I please suck your cock?' "

"TeachermayIpleasesuckyourcock?" It spilled out of her so fast the words ran together, not drops this time but a deluge, a torrent.

"Again, please. And let's have that enunciation improved this time."

"Teacher, may I please suck your cock?"

He shook his head. "Again. I'm not hearing the proper attitude of deference and respect."

"Oh, teacher, may I please suck your big fat cock?" She was whimpering now, her head spinning. How long was he going to make her do this?

"That will be adequate, I suppose," he acknowledged. "You may"

And her hands darted eagerly to his zipper again, yanking it down, setting him free with unseemly haste. He shook his head mentally. Such loss of control. He'd have to teach her more decorum and restraint. But.....some other time.

(This is my contribution for this week's Microfantasy Monday, hosted as always by Ang, the Sweltering Celt. Care to join in? Go check out Ang's place for the details.)

-- PB


southerngirl said...

Impatience, lack of decorum - such bad traits many of us share... :)

Spring Flower said...

Isn't it nice to lose control?

And I've never been a good student ;-)

The Panserbjørne said...

Southerngirl: Yes, there does seem to be a number of you with this kind of problem. :)

Spring Flower: Oh, I think you could be a very good student indeed, given the right encouragement. ;)

-- PB

thepinkpoppet said...

Losing control? I thought that is what my Sir was 'control' me. Did not realize I needed to control myself. Haha. Very good and entertaining. Thanks.

wifegonebad said...

Oh Mr. Panserbjorne! I do like teacher/student stories. :>

The Panserbjørne said...

Pink Poppet: Who says *you* need to control yourself? Maybe he just thinks she does. :)

Emma: Then it's my pleasure to provide one. Thanks for dropping in!

-- PB

Kyle said...

ohdamn, that's hot... I love it.. gives me some great ideas.

The Panserbjørne said...

Kyle: Excellent. I hope the recipient of your attentions properly appreciates it. Thanks for dropping by!

-- PB

Scintillectual said...

Oh, I do love the illicit implications in the teacher/student scenario. I can just FEEL her impatience. But then again, patience is NOT my strong suit, at all! Congrats on making Fleshbot, my comrade in arms. ;)

The Panserbjørne said...

Scintellectual: I did?? *goes to have a look* Well damn, I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know!

And I'm glad you enjoyed it as well. Drop by anytime. :)

-- PB