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Friday, August 26, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday 8-26-11: "It's All About Me"

(Photo this week provided by Red; originally from

“Oh god. Nearly there,” she moaned.

“That's what you said half an hour ago,” he muttered, voice muffled by her muff.

“No, really, I mean it this time, I.... I...... IIIIiiiieeeeee!!!”  her voice rose to a shriek.

Suddenly she sat up and pushed him away. “Wait, stop, stop!”

“What now?” he groaned.

“I need a picture for my blog. Just let me grab the camera, it won't take long.”

“Yeah. Right.”

“Lens......focal length......exposure time......okay, good. Now I just need to find the perfect angle.”

She looked down at his aggrieved expression. “Well? What're you waiting for? Get back to work.”

Your challenge for today was to use the picture above and write a flash fiction of 80-110 words. Additionally, I provided a key phrase I wanted to see used somewhere in the submission:

"...the perfect angle..."

Nobody's checking word counts, or for the key phrase, but you're only cheating yourself if you break the rules. Unless you're doing it to earn a spanking (in which case, see me after class).

Special Bonus Director's Commentary Track:

When I first saw this pic, it had a mischievous, silly feel to it, as if she'd grabbed a camera while he was doing her in the bathroom and snapped a quick, blurry pic to titillate herself with when she was alone, bored, or what have you. I even tossed around a few phrasings in my head for when I got ready to write it.

Then, when I looked at the pic again, ready to start writing, it wasn't that way at all. Instead, it was a prima donna "blogger girl" who had an overinflated opinion of herself and thought she was the center of the world. Everything had to be about her "blog" and not even an impromptu bit of sex in the bathroom was exempt. The look on her face, I realized, wasn't a look of ecstasy, it was a look of preoccupation and mild annoyance that he kept jostling her just when she was about to snap the shot. I even got a bit angry at her for being such a bitch and obsessing over her stupid camera.

Don't ask me why it struck me this way and why I had such a visceral response. I swear I didn't see it that way the first time.

Disclaimer: I am, of course, not referring to any of you. None of you folks is that prima donna-ish. 

If you are playing along this week, please leave your link below using the widget. It will appear in the text of the post itself, not in the comments, so everyone that's playing will be listed here. This frees me from having to chase people down to find out if they're playing or update the Friday post several times for late entries. Your cooperation is appreciated.

In any case, the participants list is below. Go check them out, and thanks to all who played along.

Check back here on Monday for the next challenge! And if you have any photos or artwork you'd like to see in a future challenge, please send them my way. Thanks to Red for providing this week's photo.

-- PB


Advizor54 said...

"What are you waiting for? Get back to work."

That's a perfect ending to your take on it, I think I know the exact tone of voice, I've heard it before...

Fun picture this week!

Word said...

A much kinder version than I found. Love the directors cut too.

Red said...

Now there's a woman who knows what she wants. Nice one!

Anonymous said...

I love it, I love how annoyed he is but she's doesn't care, I think I actually need to be a bit more 'blogger-girl' then I can get some sexy pictures up on mine...I'm always far too wrapped up in the moment,

Anonymous said...

LOL! Of course, she'd need it for her blog. Happy FFF!

Topaz said...

Great take on our blogger fetish! How it must annoy some playmates... it's a perfect take on this picture!

Faile said...

Loved this. Bloggers do get a bit *ahem* focused, don't they? :-)

Naughty Lexi said...

Muffled by her muff? Oh, you just couldn't resist that one, could you? ;) And now I'm jealous that I didn't think of it because I wouldn't have been able to resist it either. I think your interpretation is spot on though.

Anonymous said...

I've no idea where the idea came from for my entry this week.
But in other news I'm looking for a career change.
But that's just coincidence right?

Happy FFF
sev xx

Anonymous said...

I love your take on this pic!
I especially enjoyed the incorporation of the fetish blogger and the ending phrase of "get back to work"

well done ;)


France said...

I am guilty of thinking about my blog while having sex!! I'm also a bit obsessed over my camera, so... ;) I like this FFF a lot, it made me giggle!

Lusting Lola said...

Very funny! I loved it. :)