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Monday, August 8, 2011

On stalkers and being signed up for Twitter accounts

I got two weird pieces of email yesterday. The first one: an auto-notification from Twitter asking me to confirm my newly created Twitter account.

That's a good one. I have less than no interest in Twitter. I don't need to let people know about the sandwich I'm eating, or my latest bathroom visit, as Penny Arcade ably lampooned. I figured some idiot had mistakenly entered my email address when creating their own Twitter account (although, really, how the hell do you think your own email address is "insatiabear" at gmail? That's pretty damned distinctive and you'd figure it would prevent people from getting it confused with their actual email address).

So I clicked the "not my account" link and Twitter helpfully removed me from any notifications about that account. I figured that was the end of it.

Until I got another notification a few hours later, this one being one of the "Join me on Twitter!" exhortations that get sent to somebody when an actual  Twitter user "invites" another person to join them. I got ready to throw that one in the trash as well......

.....and paused. Because the name of the user who'd sent the invite to me was "Mrs. Insatia Bear".

No, seriously. Here's a link to their profile.

Oooooooooookay. I am PRETTY sure I'd remember if I were married. I don't know whether to call this a case of creepy stalkerism or just chalk it up to a case of mistaken identity or confusion over a "common" username (although I had never figured "Insatiabear" would be all that common when I created the Blogger identity and Gmail account some two years ago).

Weird. For now, I guess I'll just ignore the invite, and hope no one shows up on my doorstep wanting to meet me.

So. What's the weirdest thing that's happened to YOU as a result of your sex writings?

-- PB


Anonymous said...

Where do I send the wedding gift. ;-)

France said...

And I thought you'd at least invite us to the reception afterwards!!

Nothing that weird happened to me.

Anonymous said...

Seems that they like you so much they started a blog at of the same name as this one