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Friday, May 7, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday 5-7-10: "A Hot Breakfast"

The scent of breakfast was in the air. Pancakes, bacon, eggs. Mmmm, delicious. She froze as she rounded the corner of the kitchen.

He grinned innocently. “Morning. Care for some breakfast?”

Her mouth watered. “Oh, yes. I see you were kind enough to prepare me a nice big sausage.”

He glanced down, then back up. “Well, I know how you do love savoring that sausage in your mouth.”

“Indeed,” she agreed, and tied a napkin around her neck, fastidiously.

Your challenge for today was to use the picture above and write a flash fiction of 63-83 words. Nobody's checking word counts, but you're only cheating yourself if you break the rules. Unless you're doing it to earn a spanking (in which case, see me after class).

The following people are participating this week. Why not go check out their take on this FFF? 

Netsfan44:   (new this week, go say hello!)
Spring Flower:
Curvaceous Dee:
Sephani Paige:

Check back here on Monday for the next challenge! And if you'd like to see a particular photo or artwork used for a future challenge, send it my way. 

-- PB


Not My Original Vows said...

Hmm,she likes her meat rare. :)
Happy Friday PB!

Mystique said...

Or with a good portion of cheese, I may add. :p
(It's been a while) ^^
Happy Friday, hope you have a nice weekend~

Gray said...

Hahah this is great, except now I'm really truly hungry. Damn it. Happy Flash Fiction Friday!:)

Genevieve said...

That sure was a hot breakfast!
Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like a good sausage for breakfast. But I'm sloppy, I wouldn't tie a napkin around my neck! ;)

Cheeky Minx said...

Mmmmm... I do so love breakfast. I could easily have it for every meal!

Very cheeky, PB. ;)

Anonymous said...

That's very cute. Normally I don't eat meat but I can make this exception.

The Panserbjørne said...

Katia: Most women do, so I understand. :) Happy belated Friday to you as well.

Mystique: Hahaha. Yes, I suppose that might be the case too. I did have a good weekend, thanks!

Gray: Hunger is the first sign of sexual arousal. Or is it? I'll have to go look that up again....

Genevieve: Glad you enjoyed breakfast! I did have a good weekend, thanks.

Spring Flower: Hm, I kind of figured you were the sort to dive into your breakfast without being overly finicky. I see I was right. :)

Minx: I HAVE had breakfast for every meal on some days. But not quite like this, I'm afraid. :)

HEDONE: Exceptions can turn out to be rules, sometimes! I'm glad you liked this one.

-- PB

Fantasia Lillith said...

Mmmmmm bacon .... magic food.