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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What She Wants

She knelt before me, ebony skin gleaming in the candlelight. Her lips worked with slow passion on my straining cock, fingers squeezing at the base of my testicles. She felt me quiver, and pulled my rod free with a wet popping sound. "Paint me," she said simply.

I raised an eyebrow. "You said what?"

"Paint me," she said again. "You've done my portrait enough times, and I loved what I saw. Now I want something different."

She turned her face up, cupped her breasts with her hands, squeezing and lifting them. "Here's your canvas, artist. Paint me."

Moaning softly, I began working my cock feverishly. I'd been so close to the brink when she stopped that it wasn't long before I was near explosion again. Her gaze moved ceaselessly from my face to my hand on my shaft and back to my face again. She began murmuring softly, encouraging. "Come on, baby. Splash me with your love. Give me that creamy white load all over my tits. I want your Titanium White dripping down my body, coating my face. Mix your palette on me, swirl that pearlescence around. Paint me with your brush. Paint me with your cum. Do it now! Now!"

Throat locked and straining, I did as directed. A thick, splattering jet burst out of my cock and onto her upturned face. She opened her mouth to catch the next spray, which shot down her throat with such force she nearly choked. Recovering, she thrust her shoulders back and raised her tits once more, catching the next few spurts, pearly white splashes landing on that dark, dark skin in an almost-shocking contrast. Growling deep in my throat, I kept pumping my shaft, shaping and squeezing each spurt, making her my canvas, turning her into the painting she'd requested.

Eventually I ran dry and surveyed the damage. My glistening cum ran in rivulets from the corners of her mouth, dripped from her chin, collected in the hollow between her breasts, trickled in thin streams around her nipples, pooled in thin splashes and splatters and droplets from chin to navel. She looked at me calmly, not saying anything.

Trying to catch my breath, I strode to the nearby workbench and grabbed my camera. A turn, a click, and this artwork was frozen forever in celluloid. The flash of her white teeth in the darkness of that face outshone even the glittering silver-white strands I'd painted her with. Very contented, that smile.

I offered her a towel and she shook her head. Her hands moved in slow, sensuous circles over her body, without haste, smearing my cum to a thin glaze, spreading it. She dipped a finger into the deep pool on one breast and drew slow spirals down to her nipple. Dipped another finger and tasted, then sighed in deep satisfaction.

"I may not know about art, but I know what I like," she murmured, hands still moving lazily, lazily, nipples now standing proud and tall. I couldn't bear it and leaned over for a taste, my own scent sharp in my nostrils, coloring my sensations with the salt tang of my own cum. She moaned softly as my mouth closed over her nipple, and her hands went to my cock, a paintbrush still dripping with its last glaze. "So glad I joined your life drawing class."

I couldn't help but agree.

-- PB


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to take a drawing class. Umm... Where may one sign up for this class? ;-)


Mistress Bella said...

ooooh thats so very hot, normally I am not a girl for getting a guy's cum allover my face...although I don't mind it over my body he he :)

The Panserbjørne said...

Puss: Applications may be sent to insatiabear (AT) gmail [DOT] com. After a review of your skills and qualifications, I'll be happy to schedule something with you. :)

Bella: Fantasies are fun sometimes. I have heard there are women out there who do like to be cum on, but none of the ones I've been with so far have enjoyed it. So: a little vignette.

-- PB

Anonymous said...

Loved that! I've missed your fantasies!!

Cheeky Minx said...

"Oh. God. Yes." The three words I literally growled out as I sat here reading.

Everything about this is so damn right, so damn sexy. I especially loved your focus on the contrast... ;)

nilla said...

Whoa! where's my fire extinguisher? That was *smoking* hot!!!

XXX Claps enthusiastically!!! XXX


The Panserbjørne said...

Spring Flower: Awesome! Thanks for saying so. I'm trying to find time to post more often.

Minx: I am so delighted you thought so. Thanks very much.

Nilla: Fire extinguishers are provided at no charge. There's one in the corner of the room, see it? :) Seriously, thanks.

-- PB

Library Vixen said...

yeah! i agree with spring flower. I miss the words baby.

So, you know I went to art school, if you want to show you a few things....

Gray said...

Ooo this was very hot. Such a great image! I adore when this happens. *sighs* :)

Ms Scarlett said...

Wow.. I think I need one of those applications too... that is a class I'd never skip!!

Great post!

The Panserbjørne said...

Vixxy: I'm sorry to have disappointed you by not writing as much! Work has been hellish these past couple weeks. I'll try and post more often. And yes...I'd be happy to have you show me a few things. ;)

Gray: Temptress! Where were you when I was looking for a partner? :)

Scarlett: I don't think the instructor would skip either, if his students were this enthusiastic. Thanks!

-- PB