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Friday, July 16, 2010

Group Post: "Off Limits for 30 Days"

(Edit 8-4-10: I've been selected as one of the top three posts for eLust #18! To all who're stopping by because of that, welcome! Hope you like what you find here.  -- PB)

Day 1
Well, this is it. She's agreed to accept me as her slave for the month, and says she will "reward me appropriately" when time's up. Wonder what that means. Whatever else happens, though, I'm glad I got to at least meet her, because she's one of the most stunning creatures I've ever met. Glossy black hair, pale white skin, pale grey eyes...very striking indeed.

Says she'll have more instructions for me tomorrow, when I've had time to sleep.

Day 2
I found out very quickly what those "instructions" were. It seems she's decided that there will be absolutely no sex for the duration of this introductory period. My cock is completely off limits. That means no kissing, no fondling, no penetration...and oh yes -- no masturbation either. What the hell have I gotten myself into?

Day 3
I "allowed" her to walk in on me fondling my cock in the bathroom this morning, just as a test. That, it turns out, was a mistake. I heard footsteps behind me and expected mock anger or perhaps a "oh, you bad boy!" scolding. Not so. "You don't listen very well," I heard her hiss. "That's off limits, damn you." And there was a crack and fiery agony clawed into my back. It felt like a cat-o'-nine-tails, and I had plenty of opportunity to get familiar with the shredding pain it brought. She tore me to ribbons, literally and figuratively.

Got my mind off sex, pretty quickly...

Day 4
Healing nicely. She has a nice salve which she says repairs torn flesh more quickly than anything else, and I can't dispute the point. It's wonderfully soothing. She is testing my resolve, though, by eating breakfast, lunch and dinner without a stitch of clothing on. Since I have to stand to wait on her, she could see my cock standing too, but there wasn't a word, just a hint of a smile.

Day 6
She was out of the house today but instructed me to keep my cell phone handy. Every ten minutes, like clockwork, another text message would pop up, telling me precisely what she was up to at that moment...and she was apparently having quite a bit of fun with whoever it was she was visiting, because the messages got more and more explicit: "he's pulling off my shirt now", "nibbling on my tits...nipples so hard", "dripping all over the linoleum", "fucked on the kitchen counter, banged my head each time he banged me". I don't know when I've ever hated another guy quite so much. When she walked in at 10 PM she was visibly wobbling, but grinned at me and said "Pity you can't have me just yet...I'm still so horny I could fuck you right through a wall right now." And brushed her hand against my cock before going upstairs to bed.

Day 8
Exhausted. While I was getting ready for bed last night, she walked past my doorway wearing a see-through nightie that inflamed me even more than pure nudity would have done. She motioned towards the wall that our bedrooms share between them, and then retired for the night. I wondered what the hell she'd been pointing at, then found out very quickly: lying on the bed, inches away from me but separated by that wall, she was fucking herself into a frenzy. I heard moans, cries, and eventually shrieks of "oh GOD yes" as she brought herself to what were obviously toe-curling orgasms. And she kept fucking DOING it, for more than two hours!! I rubbed against the sheets a bit, but stopped dead when I realized how she'd react if I came without her permission. Small wonder I didn't sleep a wink.

Day 10
After a shower today I emerged to find her standing in front of me with a businesslike attitude. "Let's see how your self-control is," she said. "Don't move, or it'll go badly for you." She proceeded to lick the water off my body -- every inch of me from legs to the nape of my neck -- with the one exception that my cock was, as you might have guessed, off limits. When she was finished I was quivering so hard I was about to explode, but somehow I kept from blowing a load all over her face as she kissed me a final time between the thighs.

And I'm not even halfway done with the month. God help me.

Day 14
Today I was on exhibition all day. I was told to strip first thing in the morning, then had to do my chores for the rest of the day wearing only my boxer briefs. She kept bringing her friends through to "have a look at this slab of meat I've got for the rest of the month". Have to say some of the lewd comments these women made made even ME blush a few times. Where the hell were these insatiable sluts when I was a teenager? What made it worse was that she herself kept walking around me, displaying me like an auctioneer, extolling my virtues, my stamina, my self-control, describing the things she'd done to me so far and the things she was still planning. Her friends kept jeering and hooting, my face getting redder and my cock getting harder and harder with each new comment, till finally she took pity on me and told me to go clean the bedroom. When I came back she and two of her friends were naked and eating each other out in a circular threeway. I thought she didn't notice as I started discreetly massaging my cock, but she lifted her head from the redhead's pussy and rapped out: "Ah-ah! Off limits!" I swear she has eyes in the back of her head.

Day 17
She says that she always celebrates the 17th of each month by having seventeen orgasms during the day. That meant that over and over today I had to put up with her getting off in front of my very eyes, sometimes grinding herself on whatever piece of furniture was nearest, sometimes putting her hand down her panties or pulling up her skirt as the mood suited her, sometimes lasciviously licking her purple dildo as she prepared to slide it into her gaping pussy as she lay, legs splayed, on the couch. The first two or three were bad enough, but by the time she'd done it the fifth time my balls were aching so much I could barely walk. I gobbled Excedrin like candy the rest of the day. It didn't help.

Day 19
Today she decided on another self-control test. She gave me a bottle of massage oil and directed me to masturbate ALMOST to orgasm, but stop well before the brink. Made me do it several times, watching my face closely, gauging my reactions. It was pure torture -- feeling my slippery hand sliding up and down my aching shaft, feeling my balls bulging with suppressed torrents. On the other hand, there's no denying I've never been this aroused before. My cock feels like a piece of granite, except granite doesn't throb and pulse that way.

She laughed at me openly when she told me to stop for the last time. Cruelty, thy name is woman.

Day 22
Today's torture was even more fiendish. She gave me an iPod with attendant earbuds, and told me to start the playlist it contained and keep it on continuous loop for the rest of the day. I spent the next eight hours in ecstatic misery as she told me in dirty and delicious detail, over and over again, exactly what she was fantasizing about when she fucked herself, how I fit into those fantasies (!!), how she longed to feel my thick throbbing cock filling her up, how she wanted to be splayed, split open, possessed, fucked ten ways to Sunday. She has an incredibly filthy mouth and an equally astoundingly inventive mind. I'm beginning to feel like Bill Hicks, who joked once that he hadn't had sex in so long that when he finally did shoot it'd be like a big wax dart shooting out of his dick. Or Old Faithful at Yellowstone.

Day 25
She relented a bit today and agreed to my request that I be allowed to walk around naked for the rest of the trial period. I can't stand the pressure of clothes on my body anymore -- I'd be certain of losing control just from the friction they provide. The problem was that she was completely unsympathetic, and every time I walked by her (cock bobbing angrily before me) she would breathe in a smoky little-girl voice "Oo, baby, is your big fat dick all nice and hard for me? Don't you want your Mistress to kiss it and make it all...better?" (With a nice breathy pause, of course). "Don't you wish I'd wrap my fingers around you, get you all nice and hard" -- GET ME hard? ha, that was a good one -- "so I could slide you down my throat till I was sucking those big balls into my mouth too?"

I can't even give her dirty looks. The last time I did that, she hiked up her skirt and masturbated in front of me again, this time screaming MY name when she came. I think I'm running this house out of cold water with the number of frigid showers I'm taking.

Day 27
Today was All-Porn Day (or so she said). All I know is that I wandered through the place in a daze all afternoon, stunned by the naked bodies entwining all around me. Porn on every TV in the place (and she has lots of them), and all shapes and sizes of couples, threesomes, foursomes, twisting, moaning, writhing, fucking, wanking, spanking, flesh slapping flesh in every corner of every room. Even my cold showers were denied me because all the showers were occupied by fucking people.

How the hell am I going to make it through three more days? What new torments will be visited upon me? Just how in the fuck am I going to keep from grabbing my cock and flogging myself until I start bleeding, just so I can get some goddamned RELEASE?

Day 29

Day 30
One more day. One more day. One more day. One more day. It's a mantra, whirling through my dazed and exhausted brain. I can't sleep at all tonight -- I'm too scared I'll have a wet dream and wake up coated in my own failure. Or drowned in it, more likely. Can't even imagine how much pressure I've built up.

Oh, God. She just came in and spent ten minutes nibbling on various parts of my body, but never got closer than a foot to my groin. I can't believe how sensitized I've gotten -- even a gentle breath on the back of my neck sends pleasure zinging through every molecule of my body. She touched me once, gently, on my always-rigid cock and, rubbing once, brought forth a dollop of precum. I'm leaking it everywhere I go nowadays. A second or two more and I probably would have spilled all over her hand. She said she's pleased with me so far and I've more than earned my reward, and gave me a sultry grin of such promise my brain went nova and I have no memory at all of the next ten minutes.

Just a couple more hours.....perhaps I should be writing a last will and testament, in case I don't survive what she promises she's going to do to me tomorrow. If so, I'll die with the biggest fucking grin and the hardest fucking cock anyone ever did see. This has been a harrowing month, but it'll all be worth it tomorrow when she has her wicked way with me. 'Course, I don't expect to last more than a few seconds the first time, but I'm sure I'll be up for as many times as she could take. Signing off....


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The Group Post was started by Kimberly, the Errant Wife, and was hosted this month (and last month) by the sexy and talented Duchess. Thanks, Duchess, for hosting!

-- PB


Anonymous said...

Don't know how I missed this post but I'm glad I eventually saw it. So hawt and funny. I was truly feeling for the guy and cheering the gal. ;-)

Day 17? I like that idea. I'm now thinking of picking a special day for myself. Hmmm... Perhaps I'll make day 20 of the month my day (I can be greedy). Excedrin like candy? LOL! Poor guy.

Day 19: "Cruelty, thy name is woman." ROFLOL!

Day 29: ROFLMAO! Hilarious.

I've always liked first person narratives. Awesome post.


The Panserbjørne said...

Puss: Thanks so much! I racked my brain for a way to fit the theme and finally came up with approach I liked. Had fun writing it so I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.

-- PB

Anonymous said...

I always like your stories, but this one is your best so far. I wish the entire blogging world would read it!!

I wanted to comment on each day, but reading the next day made me forget what I had to say!

I'd want you for a month (I mean, assuming it's all I could have), but wouldn't treat you this way. ;-)

Mystique said...

Poor, poor guy.

You sure have given me a few good torturing ideas though *halo*

Is this story, purely from your imagination or is experience involved here? :p

Anonymous said...

my goodness....... I just unleashed a gulf of fluid in my panties PB.


The Panserbjørne said...

Spring Flower: Those are heady words of praise. Thanks for that...and for the implied suggestion that you wouldn't mind having me in that way too. :)

Mystique: Well, that would be telling, wouldn't it? I think you'd have to interrogate me further to find out. :)

Southerngirl: Direct and to the point...and very hot. Thanks! Nice to hear.

-- PB

Cheeky Minx said...

Hahahahahahahahaha! (snort)

Oh, PB, you are not only a natural at searingly erotic writing but also a dab hand at D/S comedy. (Hmmm, I see a new lucrative genre on the horizon...)

I adored every minute of his torture, the wicked dom I clearly am! My entire body is abuzz... ;)

The Panserbjørne said...

Minx: I figured you had some fierce domme tendencies hiding away under that seemingly-innocent exterior shell. Nice to see it was awakened by this...and that you got such a laugh out of it too.

-- PB

Topaz said...

You are insanely masterful. Your post had ME feeling deprived. Restraint is one thing, but the tortures you devised... what a great job!

The Panserbjørne said...

Topaz: I guess that means I did a pretty good job, then! Thanks so much.

-- PB

Curvaceous Dee said...

That was absolutely stellar - loved it! (Having all sorts of wicked ideas, now...)

xx Dee

The Panserbjørne said...

Dee: Happy to be of inspiration, then! (I wondered how long it would be before somebody said something like that).

-- PB

Sex toy boy said...

I just couldn't possibly last that long without having a wank in secret at some point. Worth waiting for though if you can do it!

The Panserbjørne said...

STB: Well, hey, that's why it's just a fantasy. :) Thanks for dropping in!

-- PB

Dick said...

A MONTH?! I couldn't make it through reading this post without touching myself. You wicked woman!

The Panserbjørne said...

Dick: Glad you liked what you read...but I'm no woman. :) Thanks for dropping by!

-- PB

Dick said...

LOL... I'm new here. ;o)

The Panserbjørne said...

Dick: No worries, I just figured you might want to know that. Thanks again for visiting!

-- PB