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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Midnight Ride of....well, not Paul Revere

It's a strange thing, not knowing whether you're awake or asleep. Everything's washed in a drifting haze, a formless fog as thick as the blanket that falls over London at night. You can never tell whether the things you're seeing -- the sensations you're feeling -- are real, or whether they're just byproducts of overtired neurons firing cross-connections in your head.

So when I felt you beginning to go to work on my sleeping penis in the dead of night, I thought I was still lost in a pleasant dream.


Ahh. Ohh. Mmmmm, that feels nice. Heat, wetness. Must have spilled coffee on myself in that diner. Think that'd be hotter, though, more painful, less "ahhhhh". Weird. 

Ahhh, that's good. Strange, doesn't seem to be any clothes down there. Must be one of those dreams where I'm naked for some reason. I guess that's why I can feel it so well. What is that, anyway? Ohhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmmm. 

God, that feels fantastic. It fascinates me to feel my cock go from flaccid to tall and hard, and it sure feels like that's what it's doing right now. Ahhhhh. Mmmmm. Feels somebody's sucking me off. Swelling now, head raising up, looking around. I can feel her tongue flicking along the shaft. Pulse thumping in the great vein. Can feel her tickling my balls with her fingers. Soft pink flesh becoming warm pink marble. Can feel some incredible suction.........ohhhh GOD that's good.

Yep, definitely nice and hard now. What a fucking great dream this is. Still feel foggy. Where am I? And who's performing this magic on my shaft? Can't see too well. Oh, that's why -- it's because it's dark. Wait a second. It's........ohhhhhhh fuck, she's fantastic. It's....wait, I'm not dreaming. I'm awake! In my bedroom, in the dark. Is this really happening?

Oh yes. It is. Moist slurping sounds come from between my legs as you bob your head up and down on my cock, by now very rigid indeed. Your hair spills forward, hiding your face except for tantalizing flashes of your sucking mouth, your tongue running along my stalk, your teeth biting gently at the head. "Oh god," I groan in a voice made hoarse by sleep. "Ohhh, that's fucking good. Oh, fuck yes."

A low, throaty chuckle around my cock in your mouth. "You like?" A silky purr.

"Christ yes," I gasp as a particularly enthusiastic bit of suction rolls my eyes back in my head.

"Let's see how you like this, then." A brief shifting and I'm rolled from my side over onto my back. Wetness drips and smears across my legs and thighs as you slide on top of me. I have time enough to realize that you're absolutely soaked and it's your cunt dripping all over me before you reach down, grasp me in one small hand, and sink down on top of me with a groan -- at which point all rational thought goes right out of my head.

"Fuck me, that's good," I groan. Heat. Wetness. Tight and hot. "Oh yes," you sigh, moving up and down on me. "Yes, yes, yes. Oh, like that." My hands go of their own volition to your hips, clapping hard, clenching, lifting and dropping you. Wet and slippery. So hot. So good. Arching my back, raising my hips to lift up into you. Your tits bouncing as you rise and fall. Your hair still obscuring your face.

"Oh yes," you're moaning. "Oh, do me. Yeah, like that. Oh, I love that cock. God, I love to ride you." Your hips are confirming it, moving in tight circles. "Good," I groan, heavy and full, the tide rising. "'Cause I fucking love it when you ride me. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I can feel that pussy clenching. Give me that hot cunt. Fuck yourself down on my big cock."

"Fuck yes," you gasp. "I love feeling that cock inside me. Are you gonna shoot off soon? Gonna hose me down with a nice creamy load? Please say yes. I want it. Want it now. Oh yeah. Now. Now. C'mon. Give it to me." Fire glints in your eyes as you start bucking harder. "C'mon. Come for me. I want it. I need it. Now. Now. Nownownownownownowwwwwwwwwww........." and your voice becomes a howl, mindless pleasure taking over, shuddering wracking your body. I join you, gasping out "oh fuck yes" over and over, each time my twitching cock fires another spurt inside you. My hips jerk and my hands spasm, digging fingermarks deep into your ass and thighs. Over and over I come, grunting "fuck, fuck, fuck," like an animal, barely registering that you're grunting with me: "yeah, yeah, yeah....."

Long moments pass before you crash down heavily atop me, spent. I can feel our mingled fluids drooling out of your pussy and pooling on my thighs. My cock, still astonished at this lovely midnight surprise, starts softening, slipping out of you, slowly returning to its slumber. I can feel the fog reaching out to claim me too, and put my arms around you, willing you to join me in my dream, where maybe we can continue this lovely interlude......

-- PB


Fantasia Lillith said...

OH THAT is the BEST! I love it. I loved readign about it too ... mmmmmm. You inspire my friend!

The Panserbjørne said...

Fantasia: Being awakened by a mouth on my cock is way high up the list of my fantasies. Glad you enjoyed. :)

-- PB

The Temptress said...

Damn that was hot! Hmmm... you've inspired me.

Luna Mauvaise said...

That's the best part of waking up, PB. ;)

Very *fucking* hot write!

Mystique said...

*slouched in a corner fanning herself*
Dirty talk for the win, that's enough to trip most female minds off, hee hee.

Don’t mind the newbie here, she’s just idling in lurksville for a spell upon discovering your blog via sugasm and spending the weekend just gone reading all entries on here.
I must say though, the perverted lexophile within me has been curling in exquisite pleasure for the past few days, so many thanks for the posts, look forward to reading more work from you in the future ;)

The Panserbjørne said...

Temptress: Oh, hey, excellent. I do love being an inspiration to other hot writers. Which you are. :)

Luna: I wish I could say I agree. All I can do is fantasize about it for now. :) Glad you liked!

Mystique: I have run into an astounding number of women online who like dirty talk -- but fewer in my relationships. Odd, that. I do love it, though. I'm glad you've enjoyed what you read here; thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you again!

-- PB

Fantasia Lillith said...

My lover says thank you .... ;)

The Panserbjørne said...

Fantasia: How nice for him. Tell him he's welcome. :)

-- PB

wifegonebad said...

You know if you keep writing like this PB I'm going to be forced to send you the bill for the air conditioner that I have to keep running to cool me down!

The Panserbjørne said...

WGB: I am wholly unrepentant. I like nothing better than when I'm the cause of a woman's excitement. :)

-- PB