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Friday, October 23, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday #9: Private Session

She lay full length on the dais, artfully displayed, bronzed skin glistening under soft white light. Her breasts were thrust skyward and her hand worked restlessly, continuously, between her legs.

Exasperation shattered the stillness. “Dammit, woman, I said hold still. This portrait is going to take eons if you don't stop moving around.”

“Oh, god, please, just one?” she pleaded.

He shook his head. “Go ahead, then, if you absolutely have to.”

Beaming, she yanked her knickers down, tossing them aside with unseemly haste, and began a rapid rise towards a crest that wasn't very far away...

(This is my entry for Spanky and Tiggs's Flash Fiction Friday Challenge #9: 100 words on the photo shown above. Want to play too? Then stop by and check out the guidelines.) 

-- PB


Gray said...

Oh yes, just one. Now I want my picture taken.;)

The Panserbjørne said...

Gray: I'd be delighted to take it any time you like. :) I actually envisioned him as a painter, though. Must not have done a very good job with the word choice.

Still, thanks for dropping by!

-- PB

Not My Original Vows said...

I loved the story! Funny, I almost went with the photographer thing, too.


The Panserbjørne said...

Katia: That's two people that thought he was a photographer. I should have said "painting" instead of "portrait". Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway.

-- PB

Transylvanian Miss said...

I was sure it was a painting that was being done, although both equally work. Lovely words! Happy FFF!!!

wifegonebad said...

So nice of you to let her have a go! ;->

Fantasia Lillith said...

Love how creative you get with the short word count!

The Panserbjørne said...

B.: Oh, good, I'm glad it was clear enough to you. Also glad you liked the tale.

WGB: Oh, of course. I am nothing if not benevolent. :)

Fantasia: That's the main reason I do these FFFs -- the strictures of the word count require me to hew to the bone with my phrasing. The hopeful titillation is just a side benefit. :)

-- PB

Luna Mauvaise said...

I do love a skilled artist. ;) Lovely contribution, PB!

The Panserbjørne said...

Thank you, miss Luna!

-- PB