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Monday, January 10, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday Challenge for 1-15-11

(Source image: "Jeans Girl" by Reinfried Marass. Photo provided by Rozewolf.)

Thanks to all who participated over the past couple weeks even though I wasn't around to administrate things! Thanks also to David and to Lexi, who made some efforts to try and organize things a bit with me gone. I appreciate it, folks.

But we're back to normal this week (or at least, as normal as things ever get around here). Your challenge for this Friday, 1-15-11, is to use the photo above to write a flash fiction of 153-208 words. Since everyone seems to be enjoying the required phrases, please use this phrase in your submission:

"...a good tuneup..."

As usual, nobody's checking word counts, or the key phrase, but you only cheat yourself if you break the rules. Unless you're breaking them to earn a which case, see me after class.

The usual reminders apply: if you're planning on joining in the fun, please email me (insatiabear (AT) gmail [DOT] com) or leave a comment here, sometime before Friday. And please, for the love of all that's holy, include a website address if you email me, or if your commenting profile doesn't have a link to your page. It makes things a whole hell of a lot easier for me. You all want to do that, don't you? Right. If you don't let me know you're playing, or don't tell me where you can be found, I'll have to leave you off the list of participants when I post it on Friday. And nobody wants that.

Here's a button for you if you want to include that in your post. Use it to link back to the challenge post, if you like, or link to the Flash Fiction Friday FAQ if you'd rather do that. That Flash Fiction Friday FAQ is also the link you should visit if you're new to the whole FFF thing and have questions. I want everybody to enjoy this, after all.

Check back here on Friday for my take on the challenge and the list of participants, and then again on Monday for the next FFF challenge! And as always, if you have any photos or artwork you'd like to see used in an upcoming week, send them my way. Thanks to Rozewolf for providing this week's photo! 

-- PB


sephanipaige said...

I'm in! welcome back Panser :)

Soren said...

I'm in. :)


Drenchxoxo said...

Welcome back! I'm back in this week too.

David said...

Me three, nominally. Also welcome back.

Naughty Lexi said...

I'm in, welcome back, and give me virtually no credit; it was all David. Any organization I might have provided was purely coincidental. I was like the placebo of organization.

David said...

Don't be too modest Lexi, you followed along perfectly. Us leaders like that kind of compliance.

Oversexed Librarian said...

I'm all in as well.