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Monday, June 7, 2010

Microfantasy Monday: "The Music of the Spheres"

She was a rare thing, had she but realized it: the concertgoer who can immerse herself in the music to such an extent that the world itself dissolves and drifts away. So many music fans can enjoy a performance, but don't flow with and become the music; somehow remaining outside themselves even as they profess to enjoy what they're hearing.

Not so she. Waves of sound washed over her, supporting her, steadying her. Bass throbbed through her bones. Synths bubbled and wailed in clarion call. The drums pounded a tribal rhythm, the guitars sizzled electric licks along her nerves. The singer's voice, warm and inviting, pushed steadily against the edges of her brainspace. She stood in place, slowly revolving, borne along on a cascade of notes, body flickering in the rainbows from the klieg lights.

Then she felt a hand on her shoulder. "My god," came a voice, soft, male. "I've never seen anyone so...involved with the music. Can I dance with you?"

She nodded slowly, eyes shut hard. Hands went to her waist, guiding her, holding her firmly. Sharp tang of sweat as he pressed close. Heat baked along her body from where he melded against her. Liquid fire at her center as the music swirled, dissolved, recoalesced into another song. She threw her head back and sighed softly.

He pressed her close, and they moved together. He pressed her close, and they rode along the waves of sound. Suddenly she wanted more, wanted him to feel what she felt. She opened her eyes, opened her mouth, opened herself to him. Her hips thrust against him and she raised a leg and hooked it over his ass. Her arms tightened. Her gaze locked with his. Alarmed, he tried to pull back, but she held him tightly, her eyes blazing, the slow pulse of her hips in time with the music. His mouth opened -- to say something, he didn't know what -- and she captured it with a kiss.

She tasted like electricity, like flame and wind, like clouds. A nova burst behind his forehead and abruptly his perception raced away in every direction. He felt himself shooting deliriously outwards, expanding, the music flooding his senses. The rhythm changed, shifted; low and insistent now, sinister but sacred, profane and ecstatic. Glittering notes swept past, visible now to him, a field of stars spangled in every direction. His heartbeat thudded in his ears. His hips thudded against hers and there was no way she could avoid feeling his excitement. He'd thought she was something, but this....nothing like this. His brain whirled. His ears roared, overwhelmed by the flood, the cascades.

She reached down between them, hitched her skirt up, grasped his cock -- what the hell? His jeans were open and he was bare to her touch. Raising her leg a bit more, she shifted closer and suddenly they were sleekly, deeply coupled. She moaned and began that thudding again, hips rocking against him. The vocalist wailed, promising perdition and brimstone. The bass vibrated up and down their forms. He grabbed frantically at her back, murmuring agonized endearments into her mouth. Bodies pressed close on all sides, the music enfolding, dark and secret and promising.

A flaring, a joining, a breaking, and he stiffened, she with him, as his essence roared out of him, invading her, flooding her. She sighed and bowed her head, dropping off of him and away from him. He hastily tucked himself back in and stood panting, shocked, as she was whirled away by the crowd. In another moment she was lost to view, lost to herself, lost to the music again. The audience sighed in approval, the music rose, and she was borne away once more on waves of melody.

Microfantasy Monday is the brainchild of Ang, the Sweltering Celt. If you want to know who else is playing this week, go visit her!

-- PB


Gray said...

Very very sexy.. I'll definitely check out the other site. Thank you!!:)

lila said...

WOW that was so beautifully written!! thank you.

The Panserbjørne said...

Gray: You're welcome. :) You seem to like random prompts on various days, so I figured that one would be right down your alley.

Lila: Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

-- PB

Soren said...

Always a joy to read your work. :)


The Panserbjørne said...

Soren: Awesome, I'm glad to hear it. Thanks!

-- PB

Anonymous said...

I've heard of people seeing music, or tasting colors... this is kinda similar and really a great piece. I've enjoyed it a lot!!

Cate said...

How beautifully visceral. So many senses. Very nice.


The Panserbjørne said...

Spring Flower: Thank you! I'm happy it sang to you as well.

Cate: I do tend to overdo the descriptive passages sometimes; this time it seemed to be demanded. Glad you liked it!

-- PB

PandaDementia said...

Amazing writing. A. MAZ. ING. You transported me into this visceral world with your words, and I thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

*Eyes closed and picturing the scene*
(had to peek to type though).

:) lovely writing.


The Panserbjørne said...

Panda: Why, thank you! I appreciate the words, and thanks for dropping by too! Don't see you here often enough. :)

Southerngirl: Thanks so much! If the scene was that strong in your head then I reached my goal.

-- PB

Mystique said...


Very, very much.
Not just the scene itself but the style of writing here.
It could have been a partially supernatural experience, it could be simple reality.
Can't tell what kind of pace the music was but we know it's intense.
The woman could have been just a randy lady or something more.

The element of mystique, mystery and passion is what did it for me today.
Beautiful piece of writing and a nice, naughty idea to tuck away in my mental filing cabinet ;)

And contact details for me, lol.
Well my online communities revolve around the IRC fansubbing worldand an anime website which also has a 'general chat' section and that's where the debate on world matters and current news and happenings (including relationships and sexuality) belong.

If you're still curious after that, let me know and I'll step down from my lurking seat for you :)

Ms Scarlett said...

Wow. I want to go to THAT concert..



The Panserbjørne said...

Mystique: That rather whets my interest, actually. If you'd like to de-lurk in privacy (no, it's not an oxymoron), feel free to drop me an email! And I'm glad you enjoyed the piece so much. I did try to add something otherworldly to it so it's nice that you picked up on that.

Scarlett: Thank you very much for saying so! I'm pleased it was in your own sphere of interest.

-- PB

Cheeky Minx said...

Your words here are evocative and sensual, yet primal and electrifying. This is of the sensate body and the otherworldly spirit just like any great piece of music.

My body is still humming. Thank you, PB... xx

The Panserbjørne said...

Minx: I confess my own body was humming too when I wrote this. If it's not revealing too much, I tend to be one of those people who's able to totally immerse themselves in the music. If you're good, I might tell you what I was listening to when I wrote it. :)

-- PB

nilla said...

That was...ecstatic...vibrant...completely enthralling.

i LOVED it.