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Friday, June 11, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday 6-11-10: "Three's Not So Crowded"

Footsteps outside, padding down the hall.

“Oh God. That's my husband,” Maria panted. She began pumping her hips faster, trying to hurry Anthony along, trying to finish before they were caught. She wasn't looking forward to the inevitable look of hurt when John walked in, but she was sick of lies and evasions – and damned if she didn't get at least one more orgasm out of this time.

Faster and faster she rode, gasping, breasts bouncing, pummeling her lover into submission, as the footsteps padded closer. Then, a creak of the door. She moaned out her pleasure helplessly, waiting for the explosion....

....and saw John, who was naked too. And grinning.

Your challenge for this Friday, 6-11-10, was to use the photo above to write a flash fiction of precisely 113 words. Nobody's checking word counts, but you're only cheating yourself if you break the rules. Unless you're doing it to earn a spanking (in which case, see me after class).

The following people are participating this week. Why not go check out their take on this FFF?

AzraelAngel:  (A.A. is new this week; stop by and say hello!)
Yummy:  (Another newcomer this week, welcome her to the group!)
Spring Flower:
and, last-minute additions:
Diable Incarne:

Thanks to all who joined the fun. Check back here on Monday for the next challenge!

-- PB


Anonymous said...

Fantastic twist there PB!!


lila said...

haha, great ending! lovely.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a good ending (but silly to bring a lover home)! I don't think 3 is a crowd. ;-)

The Panserbjørne said...

Southerngirl: It bothers me a bit that I've already used that particular twist in another story but I thought it was interesting enough to redo here. Glad you liked.

Lila: Happy it was to your taste; thanks for saying so!

Spring Flower: No, you wouldn't be stupid enough to do that, would you? Much better to get advance approval for three tumbling in bed. :)

-- PB

Naughty Lexi said...

Now that was a happy one. Made me feel a bit better about the situation in the picture, certainly.

netsfan_44 said...

Nice job as always ... "grin and bare it"

1manview said...

Nicely done, short and sexy...

The Panserbjørne said...

Lexi: Most seemed to go with a voyeurism theme; I felt like going with something a bit different. Glad you liked.

Netsfan: Thanks! Nice to hear it.

1manview: Short and sexy is my middle name. Wait, no, that's not right, but I do think I do it fairly well regardless. Thanks!

-- PB