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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Group Post: "Discovered Check"

I opened my eyes to discover that I couldn't see a damn thing. Which wasn't really surprising given the layers of thick black cloth that were tightly bound round my head. I strained but the blackness was absolute, except when broken by red flashes when I strained too hard and my eyeballs started to ache in their sockets.

There's a curious sense of doubling when your sight's taken away from you. Centuries of evolution have conspired to make us extremely visually-oriented creatures. Our other senses have dwindled and died to pale shadows of their former selves. Gone the days when Neandertal man would lift his head to scent prey on the wind, gone the days when the slightest crackle of twig or leaf heralded the approach of predators. But there is in us a remarkable overcompensation -- remove one sense and the others will expand to fill its space.

As now. I could hear faint breathing, a soft and steady bellows somewhere to my left. I heard a faint creak as someone shifted in the recliner that sat at the other end of the room. I heard the stately tick of the grandfather clock in the hallway, its slow metronome magnified to a "thud-thud". I heard soft footsteps -- bare feet -- padding towards the foot of the bed where I lay. Then they stopped. I heard faint rustling and could tell that whoever it was was bending over me.

I stretched out -- not physically, but sensorily. Closing my eyes still harder, I reached. I detected faint heat moving inches above my bare legs. My mind raced, classifying, rejecting, and suddenly the sensations clicked into place: the warmth of a hand, held just above my skin, moving near-imperceptibly upwards along my thighs. The hair on my legs stirred in response, lifting towards the stimulus, and I heard her make a small sound of approval.

She -- oh yes, it was definitely a She -- was beginning to impinge on my senses in other ways, too. I lifted my head a bit, Neandertal man reborn, and inhaled slowly. A welter of scents flooded my brain. Scent of sandalwood and vanilla. Sharp spike of alcohol (a fine Scotch, from the scent), mixed with ice cubes musty from too long spent in the freezer. Trail of sweat down collarbone. Smoky musk of Woman, flat-sweet with unmistakeable sexual arousal.

My body began responding to that almost instantly. My cock began swelling in the confines of my boxers, and I heard a low murmur from the recliner to the right, counterpointed by a throaty chuckle from the left. I shifted a bit, trying to ease the constriction, and nearly jumped out of my skin when a soft hand settled on me, squeezing delicately. I groaned as she began to massage me. Softly. Gently. Barely touching, fingertips dragging along my length, squeezing and enhancing as I grew harder. Little crackles of energy burst outwards in radiating spikes as she stroked me.

Off to my left I heard a clink, ice cubes in a glass. A faint slurping sound, then a sharp gasp and a low moan, drifted to me from that same direction. Then I heard footsteps and a soft hand on my face, stroking it, sliding down to my mouth. She grasped my chin and opened my mouth and now I had taste to add to the mix as well; one finger lingered in my mouth and I ran my tongue around it, collecting the salt of her skin, faint oily taste of a hand lotion, feeling the pulse of her pulse in that fingertip. She opened my mouth wider and slipped an ice cube into my mouth. But no ordinary ice cube this. Now I knew the source of that gasp from before. I was overcome by the intensity of her taste -- the spicy, earthy tang of a cunt in full flower. I sucked on that ice cube, devouring her, almost whimpering as her taste dissolved and diluted into nothingness.

Now I felt the hand at my boxers sliding them down my legs slowly. A brief instant of pain as my cock popped free, and then the cool air swirled around my heated skin. Wait, no, that was warmer air. I felt hot breath on my shaft, then warmth and wetness, a tiny thin trail as she ran only the tip of her tongue along my cock from head to balls. I groaned, forcing it out past a throat gone dry with lust.

Now there was a shifting around my head. The bed rocked and creaked, tilting left, and I felt naked skin sliding along my body. That woman-scent struck me again, from much closer range. A shifting and turning, and she sat astride my chest. Now I felt wetness smearing my shirt as she wriggled upward, marking me with her essence, moving closer to my hungry mouth. She lifted and then dropped; suddenly I had her cunt in my mouth, her lips embracing mine, her sticky syrup pouring out over my lips and chin. I attacked ravenously, all thought of niceties or gentleness gone, invading with tongue and teeth, grasping her clit with my lips, swirling my tongue from bottom to top in long hard licks. She moaned a bright brittle moan and I felt her shake; she must have motioned to the one at my cock, because the next instant I was engulfed by heat and wetness there too, a head bobbing on my shaft in delicious counterpoint to the action at my head. I moaned, but it was lost in the slurping and smacking of dual oral worship.

The one riding my face clamped hard around my head with her thighs. Her hips bucked forward, nearly smothering me. My nose nuzzled in the tiny bristly hairs above her slit; a small landing strip pointing the way. I kept up my assault on her clit, now flicking my tonguetip from side to side in a lustful lash. The bucking of her hips and her high moans told of my success and I redoubled my intensity. The one sucking me off was doing the same. A suction worthy of an F5 tornado bade fair to turn me inside out; the heat and velvety friction from her slippery mouth was deliciously intense. I felt my balls draw tight, and I knew she felt it as well, with her fingers wrapped around my sack like they were. Shuddering with delight, I fought to stay back from the edge until I'd tipped the one on my face over ahead of me.

A few short minutes later and I barely managed my goal. A tearing, finishing cry from high above me and a flood of wetness down my lips, chin, neck -- these were the rewards for my feast. Seconds later I provided my own feast for the one further down, exploding into her sucking mouth with such intensity I hoped she wouldn't gag. Not even a hint of it, though, as she drank me down with low murmurs of evident delight and a voraciously swirling tongue.

Brain whirling, senses flooded from all directions by tastes, scents, sounds, touches unimagined and half-remembered, I lay prostrate as they climbed off of me. Soft whisperings and a dirty giggle drifted to me, and I stretched my ears, but the preternatural sensitivity I'd reached had been overwhelmed by intensity, and I caught nothing. I did hear footsteps receding into the distance while another set padded towards me once more.

Abruptly the blindfold was yanked free. White heat burst in front of my eyes and tears ran down my face. Darkness to light is generally rather more gradual than that. I blinked at the nude figure in front of me, and now a new sensation flooded me. Confusion.

Because I had no idea who she was.


The theme for this month's Group Post was "I opened my eyes to discover.....". I figured everyone else would be writing about what they saw, and so I deliberately went in the other direction. Hopefully it was a worthwhile trip.

Why not see how these other fine participants handled the theme?

And our host while Kimberly is on hiatus, the sexy and talented Duchess:

-- PB


Gray said...

How did you know what I had planned for you?!:)

Great post with this month's theme.

The Panserbjørne said...

Gray: I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. Tell me more, please. :)

Seriously, I'm glad you liked it. Your own was pretty damn funny, I thought.

-- PB

Topaz said...

Great sensations. Of course, with the upside of reading this, there was the downside of reading this at work. I accidentally knocked my tooth at the 'ice cube' line, lol. I don't think that's ever happened before.

Elizabeth said...

I love your writing.

This one made me sad, however. The man who just broke my heart had planned such an event for me one day when I arrived at his house, albeit, with just the two of us. Sadly, we were distracted and never got around to it, and now, we never will.

Intoxicating to think of now, in retrospect, and in the way that one can only think of things that must be imagined instead of experienced.

Anonymous said...

You have a way with words that made me feel like I was there. Very well written and so sensual!!

Petal said...

Very, very worthwhile trip! Amazing writing...I always love reading your work :)

Anonymous said...

You really do have a lovely, naughty imagination.

The Panserbjørne said...

Topaz: Whoops. Sorry about that (but not very, if I got that kind of reaction). And I'm pretty sure ice cubes HAVE been used that way before by some adventurous types. :)

Elizabeth: I'm sorry it affected you that way! Far be it from me to bring any hurt into anyone's life. There's plenty of that already.

Spring Flower: Thank you so much! Nice to hear it was that intense for you.

Petal: Always? That's heady praise. I greatly appreciate it!

Marianne: I do try my very hardest. Er. My very best. Oh, you know what I mean. ;)

-- PB

The Duchess said...

It's definitely worthy praise - your writing is fantastic my darling!

The Panserbjørne said...

Duchess: More high praise, from somebody whose writing style I respect enormously. I knew there was a reason I got out of bed this morning. :) Thanks!

-- PB

Cheeky Minx said...

Spine-tingling, evocative and deliciously naughty. Oh so very yummy, once again, PB... ;)

Ms Scarlett said...

I've read this three times now.... and just - wow. I'm going to figure out a way to get this in front of a certain someone - I know he'll leap on it (and hopefully me!)

Amazing post. XO

The Panserbjørne said...

Minx: Thank you so very much! "Spine-tingling", one couldn't ask for a nicer description than that.

Scarlett: Always glad to be of service! :) Let me know how it works out, eh?

-- PB

nilla said...

That was AWESOME!!!

so extremely ....visual...for one wearing a blindfold.

i feel my senses expanding to take it all in...

...gawd that was hawt!

fanning face

The Panserbjørne said...

Nilla: Glad you liked. This is especially nice to hear from you because I get the impression you've played around with blindfolds before. :)

-- PB