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Friday, May 25, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday 5-25-12: "Auto-Eroticism"

(Source image: "Hillary" by Bradley Thurber)

The rain was slashing sheets across the windows of my Chevy. The engine ticked, cooling. Jazz played softly on the radio, the players noodling around, no particular destination in mind. The scent of the leather seats was strong.

"So," she said, looking at me calmly. "How long's it going to be?"

"Before what?"

"Before you make your move, you adorable idiot. You knew we wouldn't see anything up here, not with it raining like this."

"Um. Well, I....."

"Oh, shut up." She leaned towards me...and kept leaning, down into my lap. Her fingers worked quickly at my zipper and in a twinkling, she had me in her mouth. I groaned, and my hands wound into her glossy black hair.

She looked up and grinned at me, letting me slip free. "That's better," she breathed.

Your challenge for today was to use the picture above and write a flash fiction of 100-135 words. Additionally, I provided a key phrase I wanted to see used somewhere in the submission:

"...the scent of [noun]..."

Nobody's checking word counts, or for the key phrase, but you're only cheating yourself if you break the rules. Unless you're doing it to earn a spanking (in which case, see me after class).

Special Bonus Director's Commentary Track:

I've always wanted to have sex in a car, but none of my partners has ever been interested. Maybe some day. I looked at the gamin grin on this girl's face, and the rest of the scenario fell into place effortlessly: a rainy night, parked on a secluded embankment high above the city, soft jazz on the radio, and some steamed-up windows. Mmmmm. Delicious...particularly if your partner happens to be as bold as this one appears to be. Please, no references to "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights".

If you are playing along this week, please leave your link below using the widget. It will appear in the text of the post itself, not in the comments, so everyone that's playing will be listed here. This frees me from having to chase people down to find out if they're playing or update the Friday post several times for late entries. Your cooperation is appreciated.

In any case, the participants list is below. Go check them out, and thanks to all who played along.

Check back here on Monday for the next challenge! And if you have any photos or artwork you'd like to see in a future challenge, please send them my way. 

-- PB


Gardener said...

I can't believe I'm the first this week! Great story, Panserbjerne!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she didn't wait for him and made the move. :)

Jack and Jill said...

I do love a woman who takes charge!


Advizor54 said...

We have a wonderful new mini-van with seats that fold into nothingness, leaving an expanse of space in which to play, but, alas, it is currently unused territory.

I do, however, have several fond memories of working around the very cramped space of my very small car during college....Good luck on your quest.

Lusting Lola said...

I'm a few days late, but I played along this week. :)

Loved your take. Very bold woman.

Word said...

Ah Panser, A delightful tail/tale.

I can't believe you've never had auto erotic fun. sigh...