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Friday, October 7, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday 10-7-11: "The Treatment Was Successful...."

(Source image by Vlad Gansovsky, title unknown)

“ least, that's my opinion. You should give it a try!” Lisa said cheerfully.

Paul and Jane looked at each other tentatively. Jane licked her lips.

“What would it hurt?” she mused.

“Might even be fun,” he said.

“Okay, let's try!” And with that, she began tearing enthusiastically at his clothes. He growled and yanked her sweater open. Buttons flew everywhere and her breasts spilled into his hands. He dove in, sucking and licking as if his life depended on it. She pulled his slacks and boxers down, his cock flopping free and then rapidly swelling as she gave it a tongue bath. His hands were all over her, twining in her hair, grabbing her ass, slipping between her legs to find her, surprisingly, just as ready as he.

She jumped into his lap, lifting and sinking down with a groan. He gasped too as she started bucking, riding him wildly.

The lobby door opened, the receptionist glancing down at her clipboard. “Mr. and Mrs.....Johanssen, was it? Dr. Ruth will see you now.”

Lisa sipped at her coffee, glancing at Paul and Jane. They hadn't even heard. “I don't think they need to see the doctor anymore,” she said.

Your challenge for today was to use the picture above and write a flash fiction of 78-208 words. Additionally, I provided a key phrase I wanted to see used somewhere in the submission:


Nobody's checking word counts, or for the key phrase, but you're only cheating yourself if you break the rules. Unless you're doing it to earn a spanking (in which case, see me after class).

Special Bonus Director's Commentary Track:

This one was fun. I looked at this picture and immediately thought "doctor's office!" And my imagination was off and running. At first I thought Paul and Jane were just bored and killing some time while they waited (you know how it is when you're waiting at the doctor's, the wait is interminable). Then, I'm not sure why, I took a closer look at the woman sitting next to them. She didn't look bored to me, but a bit smug. With that, my take on the picture solidified. This wasn't just any doctor's office, but a sex therapist's, where Paul and Jane were supposed to be meeting with the doctor to discuss their problems. But the woman sitting next to them had struck up a conversation with them, and given them a bit of good advice (more likely just a bit of common sense), and pretty soon they discovered they don't have any problems after all.

It's purely coincidental that they chose to try it out right then and there, of course. Has nothing to do with the fact that I think it would be really hot to have sex in a doctor's reception room with nobody caring. (God, I really am becoming an exhibitionist at heart).

Trivia: "The Treatment Was Successful......" is from that line of the old joke. The next line, of course, is ".......but the patient died."  For those who actually know the joke, I thought it would add a bit of urgency to the story even before you read it. The use of "Dr. Ruth" was just so it was clear they were visiting a sex therapist. Both of these things are what's commonly known as "overthinking it", incidentally.

If you are playing along this week, please leave your link below using the widget. It will appear in the text of the post itself, not in the comments, so everyone that's playing will be listed here. This frees me from having to chase people down to find out if they're playing or update the Friday post several times for late entries. Your cooperation is appreciated.

In any case, the participants list is below. Go check them out, and thanks to all who played along.

Check back here on Monday for the next challenge! And if you have any photos or artwork you'd like to see in a future challenge, please send them my way. 

-- PB


Anonymous said...

Good story, and a clever ending. That's started my Friday off with a smile.

Faile x

Word said...

I like it! The clothed gal is smug. :)

Anonymous said...

Lisa needs to be paid for her advice or at least treated to a nice cup of coffee.

David said...

Could this be defined as "self medicating"? Nice take on the picture, happy FFF.

Topaz said...

I wonder if they still have to pay the doctor for the visit, lol.
Great choice of setting for your story.

Advizor54 said...

It's funny how so many of us took the "therapist" approach, I think it's her look and the coffee mug.

The fact that they were still in the waiting room, however, makes it a winner.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being so late...can't wait to read all the other entries.